5 to Stay Alive

5 to Stay Alive!

Use this Plan when you are running low on Prospects!

(Listen to the AUDIO belowBEFORE you plan out your 5 to stay alive.)


Pick 5 of these different areas to market your business...

Networking Groups

Soft Contact Networking

Chamber of Commerce

Young Professionals





Centers of Influence

1 person turns into 15

15 turns to 45

45 turns to 100

Client Referrals

S.T.E.A.M. clients for new people you could recruit

Old client lists

Prospecting out and about

AUDIO - "5 to STAY ALIVE" - Ian Prukner - 1hr 50 min

5 to STAY ALIVE - AUDIO - Ian Prukner - 1hr 50 min.mp3