6. Prospecting-Recruiting



What one thing do ALL the GREATS of PRIMERICA have in common?  They are ALL TENACIOUS prospectors!  They are always looking for great people to add to their teams to develop into independent leaders!

The absolute best way to prospect is:  (in this order)

#1 - Hot, Warm and Cool market.

#2 - Hot, Warm and Cool market of a New Associate.

#3 - Recruiting as you go, prospecting people you meet through your travels every day.

We define W O R K as…

PROSPECTING for an Appointment

SETTING an Appointment

DOING an Appointment

Consistent Prospecting leads to appointments, recruits, sales, income and ultimately SUCCESS. Just Do It!  You don’t have to like it, but you must do it consistently!!! Turn it into a game and connect prospecting to the key of getting everything you want in life …because you will if you MASTER it!

How to fill the Pipeline with 1000 names – Ian Prukner - 53 min.

Click here...  

Prospecting...READ THIS Training Doc!

Utilizing the CHARACTER REFERENCE Script - Background Check Process

(Use these forms PRIOR to IBA in ALL instances!) 

AFTER Money & Business Seminars/Prior to Interviewing/Prior to Recruiting 

This will also create activity for the Potential New Associate while Checking their References!

VIDEO - Generating Activity - Ian Prukner - 24 min

The entire idea of Prospecting is to get out of the cold market into a warm market.  Meaning once you hire someone, you then start the training process in their warm market.

Once you learn this skill you will be able to turn this on whenever you want.

Before you start prospecting, make sure you qualify who you are recruiting. All the greats encourage us to prospect in the right market.  The right people will lead you to the right market.

95% of the new RVPs are married with children

90% Of the newly licensed agents are married

95% Of the promoted district leaders are married

Are you starting to see a pattern?

M : Married - Look for rings

A : Age - best guess

C : Children - do they look exhausted

H : Homeowner -  by asking questions - do you live in the area?  Oh yeah, where?

O : Occupation - What do you do for a living?

AUDIO - Your 1 Interview Away from an Explosion - Bill Orender – 47 min

Your 1 Interview away from an Explosion-Bill Orender-47min.mp3

AUDIO - Boot Camp on ACTIVITY with Ian Pruckner - 1hr 50min

Boot Camp on ACTIVITy-Ian Prukner-1hr50min.mp3


Building a 30x30 Base within 90 days – Jeff Fieldsted (Not for Faint of Heart!)

Jeff Fieldstad- Getting to a 30x30 base in 90 days.pdf  

23 Recruiting Rules to Grow

VIDEO - Master RECRUITING and Explode your Income w/the 23 Rules