7. BIG Events-Meeting Attendance



As you know...Meetings are not just "CRITICAL" to your SUCCESS here, but ESSENTIAL!  They allow you to "Learn the system", "Leverage your Time", "Duplicate Success", "Excite and RE-Ignite your Existing Team", and "Model Participation"!  The REALITY of Primerica is that it is BUILT on Meetings! 


YOUR level of SUCCESS (with anything) WILL be determined by YOUR level of COMMITMENT!  It is said that when attempting to lose weight with "Weight Watchers" that YOUR level of SUCCESS (in reaching your goal weight) will INCREASE by 70% with attendance of their "weekly meetings" and "weigh in's"!  I think that is a HUGE CLUE!  Do you know WHY?  Because those that commit to THEMSELVES, to show up, be held to their own PRESET Standard AND have a large group of people, ENCOURAGING, CHALLENGING and that actually care about them, give you the HIGHEST chance to succeed!  Meetings are like a RE-FUELING Station...a place to get RE-CHARGED and RE-IGNITED!  We as humans NEED that! 

Meetings also give us a chance to LEVERAGE our time!  How?  Because you've chosen to be SUCCESSFUL and you are already going to be "plugged in", they give you a chance to expose or re-expose prospects to "what we do"!  Our "Money and Business" Seminars held generally on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, give the prospect an opportunity to learn about us from other successful leaders within our organization!  (They ideally should be used as a "2nd look", as we strongly suggest that you have had some sort of 1 on 1 with them or at least an explanation of what they are coming to 1st!)  What if you have 3 Teammates and 3 prospects at the meeting, just from your team?  You have now LEVERAGED your time through 6 others!  This is a way to help you go faster as they are learning while you are learning!


I am not going to say that ANY meeting is mandatory...HOWEVER...If you truly want to succeed then you must treat them as MANDATORY to you WINNING!  BIG EVENTS are where LIVES ARE CHANGED!!!  You cannot miss a BIG EVENT!  As soon as they are scheduled (See Calendar Tab on Left) make sure you are registered and clear your schedule to attend!  I'll go so far as to say that without them your chance for success goes down tremendously!  Being plugged into a BIG EVENT gives you the chance to ROCKET your SUCCESS!  What a weekend of a BIG EVENT will do for you is take what would have taken you multiple years to learn and cram it in to a Fun-filled, Informative, Deep into the heart, power packed weekend event.  A place where 2 days = Years of information!  WHY?  These events bring in the TOP Leaders from ALL over our company that are winning NOW!  A place where LEARNING takes on a whole new meaning!  This is a place where it goes from just learning it in your head and takes it into your heart!  NEVER miss a BIG EVENT...they are always planned months in advance!

IMPORTANT to those of you over 90 miles away from our Tenacious Headquarters in Brookfield...We have a special GOTOMEETING code specifically for you to plug in to for specific events!  If you need that code, please reach out to Jim via email to get it!

OUR CURRENT MEETINGS:  (Always consult Calendar on Calendar Tab for up to date schedule!)

Tuesday Nights - 101-501 Training and "Money & Business" Seminars

6:00pm "Meet & Greet"  

6:30pm - 8pm Meeting

Friday Mornings - "Leadership Training w/ John Maxwell" and Jim Martinson - 8:30am - 10am

Saturday Mornings - "Fundamentals Training" - 7:30am "Meet & Greet" 8am - 11am Meeting

Growing Meeting Attendance with Never Back Down Mentality
Chauvon Landry 9/25/2018

"LEVERAGING" BIG Events and Meeting Attendance


Meetings & Big Events are THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of our CULTURE to be created on your team!

Meetings and especially Big Events are where lives are changed!  The greatest leaders in our company pour into your people’s lives to help you build your business.  They are there to build your perpetual money making machine.  This is where your team will get recognized for what they do.

There is NOTHING that will build your team more efficiently or effectively than getting them to events…  Nothing!

The #1 thing to MEASURE is Meetings and Big Events…From Event to Event!

              VIDEO - Building Meeting Attendance – Ian Prukner – 52 min.

VIDEO - How to get the MOST from Big Events – Ian Prukner – 7 min.


There are right ways and wrong ways to do this.  Most people are just existing in life!  They’re not always really there!  Their body is there, but their mind and heart are not where they need to be.  They are Not Prepared!  

Winning is when Preparation meets Opportunity.” 

What do you do to PREPARE to win at a Meeting or Big Event...
1. Come earlycreating the environment.  People in a room creates legitimacy in every single new person’s mind.  The fact that the company is publicly traded, stocks killing it, 6 million clients; none of that means anything to a new person.  A packed-out room means a ton to a new person!  They are thinking, “I don’t know what this is all about but all these people seem pretty excited about it.  Whatever this is it can’t be bad.”  Our business is a business of new people bringing new people!
2. Take Notes.  The greatest minds remember less than the dullest pencils.  Be studious.  If Facebook was going to get you wealthy you wouldn’t need to go to the big event.  At the end condense them down into 1-2 nuggets you take away that will grow your business.
3. You have to work like mad to get people there!  Great leaders interrupt their people’s lives to… take them places they can’t take themselves!  If they were going to be financially independent and have an override and ownership system at their job, they wouldn’t need to be with Primerica.  You have to be big enough and bold enough to insist that they get there!  If they have to work, “Do you have any sick time or vacation days available?”  You have to be prepared for them to have an objection and be ready to overcome that objection. 
4. You have to live for and love on the ones that show up!  The ones that don’t are telling you something about themselves.  Winning is 90% showing up!
5. Have a massive action game plan with your team following the meeting/event!  Your people will never be more committed to making appointments and getting things done than right after a Meeting/Big Event.  You have to create an opportunity for them to act.  Have a game plan.  Have a call blitz.  Run a contest for them to take massive action.  There will be some people who will take action.
6. Go there for you.  YOU make a big decision, YOU have a defining moment, YOU have that childlike enthusiasm, you change your life.  Let it happen to YOU first.  There is another level I can get to.  This automatically takes you back to your people.