3. Overcoming Objections


Learn 4 "Overcoming Objections" a DAY!  (2 min each) 

This skill needs to be a stimulus response reaction of your ability.

Objection = Stimulus   Overcoming = Response

Bottom line… if you do not believe in your heart what we do is right you will never be able to overcome any objections.   What we do for families is either a conviction of yours or it is not.

Here is a PDF doc on "Common Objections" while SETTING APPOINTMENTS:

Mastering Overcoming Objections

One of the major reasons people wash out of Primerica is they get objections and are incapable of overcoming even the most basic concerns and objections people have related to working with us or buying.  If you master how to overcome the most common objections you won’t recruit or sell everyone BUT your ratios will improve radically.  By improving this skill your confidence that you could actually do Primerica and succeed will soar. When we feel confident we can do something we are much more likely to put the effort forward to do that thing.

The one thing I hated more than anything was being rejected so I listened to this information and studied it for 3 straight years.  Mastering how to overcome objections allowed me to become super confident it also had the added benefit of reducing rejection radically, because I learned the art of asking questions I rarely was rejected.

We get rejected most often because our skill level is too low. As you raise your skill level in anything that thing gets easier and easier and actually becomes fun. I got to the point that enjoyed the objections and the challenge of overcoming them.  When you know how to do it professionally, objections are merely amusements.

Below is each Objection on "Downloadable" VIDEO w/Keith Otto:  (Roughly 2 min/ea)