Fundamentals - "EQUIP, EMPOWER, EXECUTE"

 Congratulations on making the decision to start your career with us.  By this point, you may have completed your "ORIENTATION" session with your Trainer and possibly some Pre-licensing classes (PFSU) as well.  Most people that get started with us have little or no experience in the financial service field, thus it would be easy to get overwhelmed and sidetracked with all of the intricacies of a new business.  We have devised this website to help you get and stay on track from day one.  Your NEXT STEP should be to study all the material in this  "FUNDAMENTALS" section and work CLOSELY with your "Field Trainer" on a Day to Day basis UNTIL you are INDEPENDENT!

Our goal is to create the most successful business organization in the United States.  Therefore, we are looking to help a large group of ordinary individuals become extraordinarily successful. The very best way to know, however, if the skills have been learned is in the field.  Field Training truly is the key to having a successful career.  Our hopes are that you become the best that you can be. 

With that in mind, your success is our success!

 Take the time to just follow these pages "STEP BY STEP"!  You have a tremendous OPPORTUNITY and a tremendous RESPONSIBILITY now!  You have the "tools" in your hands!    Our #1 goal for you is to help YOU and YOUR FAMILY to become "FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT!  Your step #2 should be to help EVERYONE you know do the same! 


In Order they are:

1.  Appointment Setting

2.  Presentation

3.  Overcoming Objections

4.  Referrals

5.  Mastering the Products

6.  Prospecting/Recruiting

7.  BIG Events/Meeting Attendance

8.  Getting Associates off to a Fast Start

** YOU WILL FIND THESE detailed under the "FUNDAMENTALS" here! **


Make sure you take time right away with your Field Trainer and Review "Our Calendar" (See tab on LEFT) so that you can get to every event possible!  We strongly suggest to run Google Calendar and have it on your mobile devices, as your appointments and business  can easily run from that.  You can then just import our calendar (See Pic below) to yours.  Every-time we make a change or update our calendars yours will auto update!