1. Appointment Setting




(You are not only learning this for yourself, but you are learning this correctly so that you can TRANSFER these skills!)

The better you get at Setting Appointments,(assuming you master the remaining fundamentals) the faster you will become successful!  It’s critical that you thoroughly teach every New Associate "How to Set Appointments" in their hot, warm and cool market. 

The better your New Associate is at setting appointments, the more likely they will actually set them. The fear of not knowing "How to set appointments" inhibits New Associates from setting them. If they feel prepared and feel they know what they are doing regarding setting appointments, the more likely they will set them.  People avoid doing anything they feel inept at, so the better you train them on how to do it, the more likely they will do it.  If you want your numbers to really take off, make sure not only your New Associates are great at setting appointments, but everyone who appears to be serious about building a Primerica business!


Step 1 - Utilizing your Orientation packet - Create a C.H.A.M.P.S. list AND Use Memory Jogger to create Contact List in WRITING!  

Eventually you need to create your 1000 Name List.  This is a Critical step as you want to create a never-ending I N V E N T O R Y of Names.  

To LEARN exactly HOW...Click on this Audio...

1000 Name List with Ian Prukner-AUDIO-53min.mp3

Step 2 - Listen to Appointment Setting Audio and read (Orientation Packet) on How to Set Appointments.

Setting Appointments - FULL - Ian Pruckner-44 min.mp3

Setting Appointments- ISOLATED KT Script-Used MOST of the Time.mp3

Isolated Common Concerns-Setting Appointments-14 min.mp3

Isolated RECRUITING Script-22 sec.mp3

Common Recruiting Objections-1min.mp3