Mastering Overcoming Objections/Closing

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1- Keith Otto - Overcoming Objections OVERVIEW-2017.mp3

3- Keith Otto- I cant afford it-2017.mp3

5- Keith Otto- Is this Comission or Salary-2017.mp3

7- Keith Otto- This is not for me-2017.mp3

9- Keith Otto- I want to do my own research-2017.mp3

11- Keith Otto-It sounds like a Pyramid-2017.mp3

13- Keith Otto-Ive had this Policy for a long time...-2017.mp3

15- Keith Otto-Do you have a Website-2017.mp3

17- Keith Otto-I have Insurance at Work-2017.mp3

19- Keith Otto-I cant Sell-2017.mp3

21- Keith Otto-Do I have to come to every Meeting-2017.mp3

23- Keith Otto-I spoke to somebody from Primerica-2017.mp3

25- Keith Otto-Im not Interested-2017.mp3

2- Keith Otto- I dont have the Time-2017.mp3

4- Keith Otto- How much are you making-2017.mp3

6- Keith Otto- Im too Busy-2017.mp3

8- Keith Otto- Yeah but...-2017.mp3

10- Keith Otto-Do I have to Recruit-2017.mp3

12- Keith Otto-I want to shop around-2017.mp3

14- Keith Otto-Can you tell me more-2017.mp3

16- Keith Otto-What is it-2017.mp3

18- Keith Otto-Do I have to Buy a Product-2017.mp3

20- Keith Otto-Can you Email me Something-2017.mp3

22- Keith Otto-Is there a Fee to join-2017.mp3

24- Keith Otto-I dont have the Money-2017.mp3

26- Keith Otto-Where do you find your Clients-2017.mp3